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Regular Benefits Packages

CLICK HERE for UFCW Saskatchewan’s dental claim form

For information on the UFCW’s dental benefits package, click here.

UFCW Dental Plan Benefit Increase – January 2017

For orthodontic claims, the age cap of 19 will be lifted, opening up benefits to adults over the age of 18.

UFCW Dental Plan Benefit Increase – January 2016

At the Dental Trustees meeting held in December, 2015, it was determined that the yearly coverage limit will be increased to $2500 and the lifetime Ortho coverage will be increased to $3500 AND the coverage for Major services increased to 90%!

New services ~ pre-authorized deposits, on-line services and claims checks

Pre-Authorized Deposits
Members and Employees of benefit plans administered by Coughlin & Associates Ltd. can now have their health and dental claim reimbursements deposited directly to their bank accounts.

With Coughlin’s new Pre-Authorized Deposit (PAD) reimbursement program, members can receive their reimbursements within two to five days following the approval of their dental claims. They will not have to wait for the arrival of a cheque and a trip to the bank before depositing their reimbursement.

The new claims reimbursement program is designed to speed-up the claims reimbursement process by reducing cumbersome paper-based systems that rely on standard postal services.

Enroll in PAD Today
Step 1 – Begin Enrolment
Enrolling in Coughlin’s PAD service is both fast and easy. First, just click on the notice under “Claims reimbursement direct to your bank account” on the main page of the Coughlin & Associates Ltd. website at www.coughlin.ca

Step 2 – Complete and Return the PAD Form
Then, complete and sign the Pre-Authorized Deposit form on the website and return it, along with a sample cheque marked “void” to:

Pre-Authorized Deposits
Coughlin & Associates Ltd.
Box 764
Winnipeg, MB R3C 2L4

Step 3 – Logging On
Once enrolled, the member will receive a confirmation notice by e-mail. If email is not available, he or she will be notified by regular mail. The confirmation will contain his/her bank account number. To protect privacy, the branch transit number and the bank institution number will not be included in the confirmation notice.

Once confirmation is received, the member may use the Member and Trustee Log On feature of the Coughlin website. It will direct him or her to the plan member portal where the most up-to-date information on his or her dental claims, plan booklets, claim forms or other information is available.

Step 4 – Use the Plan Member Portal
Using the portal is easy. Simply key-in your user identification number and password. (Note: first-time users will also be required to provide their plan number 150919 and social insurance number.)

A temporary password will also be provided on the most recent Explanation of Benefits sent to the member. However, the first-time user will be required to create his/her own permanent password.

Step 5 – Inside the Plan Member Portal
Once inside the portal, members will find a menu of choices.

Step 6 – Check the Status of Claims
Just click on “Claims history” to review the status of recent claims. The listing of claims activity will appear. The deposit will also be confirmed by email.

A Giant Step Forward
For most members, Coughlin’s new Pre-Authorized Deposit program will offer a speed and convenience that will be hard to beat. However, members can still receive reimbursements via cheque, if they prefer.