Need a Union?


Becoming a union member is taking the first step to insuring dignity, respect, and fairness in your workplace. A union contract gives you a voice and say in your job and it's through negotiations that many members are able to obtain:

Collective agreements vary and may not contain all of these provisions.

Your legally binding contact helps to eliminate empty employer promises and guarantees your rights and working conditions.

UFCW Local 1400 has full-time representatives to help enforce your contract by visiting the workplace and dealing with member's concerns. The Local also trains members to be Shop Stewards, to assist in handling problems.

Statistics Canada confirms that unionized workers earn on average 30% more than non-union workers in the same industry. This shows that the union dues members pay are not only tax-deductible but an investment in their future.

So take that first step, pick up the phone and call a UFCW Local 1400 Union Representative at 1-855-UFCW-YES and let us help you make your workplace a better place to be!

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