Thank you so much to all the delegates at the Saskatoon District Labour Council Annual General Meeting for inviting members of the Saskatoon Coop picket line to speak, and the generous donation ...

Thank you so much to all the delegates at the Saskatoon District Labour Council Annual General Meeting for inviting members of the Saskatoon Coop picket line to speak, and the generous donation


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Thank you for addressing our delgates and for your strength on the line. You are taking a historical stand and we support you 100%.

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Rod Gillies
26 mins
Press Release – Bargaining Update

After repeated requests from the Employees’ Bargaining Committee, the Management Committee has finally agreed to have our committees meet. The parties met this morning.
The membership rejected the Employer’s last “FINAL” offer about a month ago, and since then the Employees’ Bargaining Committee, with significant input from the membership, drafted an offer to present to the Employer. Since they had refused to meet, a spokesperson from the Union provided a copy of the offer to a representative of Federated Cooperative Limited, with the hopes that the Management Committee would review and consider it.
Initially, Management REFUSED to bargain with us unless we accepted a second tier proposal from them. So the Employees’ Bargaining Committee, in the spirit of true negotiation, started to bargain the second tier. It provided proposals allowing for a second tier that included a bridge that provided a limited number of employees who had been working at the Co-op for four years, to finally move over to the main wage grid.
This compromise has been met with another REFUSAL to bargain by Management unless the Employees’ Bargaining Committee remove this bridging proposal.
Management is once again REFUSING to bargain with us unless we accept their unflinching oppressive proposals. THAT IS NOT BARGAINING!!
Their repeated refusals to bargain once again leads us to invite Management to participate in the process of BINDING ARBITRATION.
The Employees’ Bargaining Committee is prepared to submit our last offer as our position to an arbitrator. We are asking Management to finally do the responsible thing and submit their last offer to an arbitrator, as well.
Management’s excuse that they would rather bargain is no longer credible. The Co-op Membership and the public are tired of the excuses, and await Management’s response to the invitation to BINDING ARBITRATION.


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210+ have crossed the picket line . UFCW have negotiated 2 and 3 tiers in all competitors in Saskatoon and a few months ago with Moose Jaw Coop . Now it's a terrible thing ? They will lay off hundreds when the strike is over because of lost sales , most employees will never come back . I don't know how you sleep at night as some of these people will lose everything because of a 2 tier pay structure that is in the majority of stores in Western Canada . Hopefully somebody at UFCW is held accountable .

COOP. The damage is done. You have been on strike too long. The relationship is over. Remove Mr. Wick, get back to bargaining. It depends on the final settlement before I decide to return or not. If you are not good to your staff, then I will not be good to you. What a dumb management strategy to force a strike in Saskatoon when four more quality grocery stores have opened this year. Not a smart way to take on the competition.

I really hope you exercise the right to expel all members who have crossed the picket line from the union. It will be they’re turn to hit the streets, for good.

Power is in the people! Stop shopping at Coop. Together is where the difference is made! I have not and will not cross the lines.

Time for a total boycott of all Co-op operations in Western Canada till this is over.If the only thing they understand is money show them what it’s like not to have any coming in.

Unless Co-op can financially show me WHY they need a second tier I will never accept it. NO to two tier! No one should be working poor!

Only time a person should support is when it is -45 so management fully appreciated what regular staff must deal with. Other than that... they get zero support from me. Disgraceful negotiation on Management end 😣

Again disappointing I will not be shopping at any co-ops til settled

To be honest if you look at the track record of arbitration, it will probably be bad for the union. Holding the line and stopping production is the way forward. You can do it!

Hey can someone please point me to the details of the strike. What exactly are the starting wages now and before what is the benefit packages. What are the comparable salaries in Saskatoon at their competition. What is the current profit of this particular store? How many employees are affected? Is this store privately owned?

Get the fuck back to work already

Robert William Wallenberg. I have been thinking the exact same thing.For weeks now. If the refinery would strike, and we know Federated employees are unhappy, so if we all strike,they have absolutely no business at all. Maybe,then they would hear us. Loud and clear.


So sad

Wish they would be done with this already I'm sick and tired of them walking in front of my car so I have to slam on my brakes and almost have other cars rear end me

Just like the Oaks 3 yrs ago!!!

Still not crossing the picket line. I have been a coop member for over 40 years. I am planning on attending my first general meeting as I am so upset with the coop management.

Whoa whoa whoa refusing to bargain well that's is enough for a ulp right there they have to bargain in good faith. My not pick a mediator? If they side with you fcl is stuck paying the cost of mediation.


Lory Konjolka


Sounds like after four years you dont want a second tier to exist, which wouldnt save co-op money. hmmm think thats part of the problem? too bad you cant effectdively bargain on behalf of your memebers.Keep using all capitals tho, that shows you really tried hard.


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