The members of the Saskatoon Cooperative Bargaining Committee met with the Employer on September 18, to continue bargaining. Although there was much discussion, there is still no change to the employer’s positions regarding the renewal of the collective agreement. A vote is currently scheduled to be held for members at the Circle Centre Coop on September 28, 2018 to vote to join UFCW 1400. Until this vote is held, we will not be engaging in a labour dispute. The bargaining committee and the membership are remain strong in their resolve to protect their collective agreement and say No to a second tier. This means that we will continue to bargain and if necessary, engage in a labour dispute in order to do so ...


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Another year coming up fast and still no agreement. I am hoping that the vote brings all those employees on board with our union. Also that everyone can blend into so many positions is awesome. IMHO

Thanks for sharing this update with us. This is a step in the right direction. How about sending an email to all employees that have given you their email addresses. We have a lot of employees who do not do Facebook


I can see we will be walking the picket line in Jan in minus 40 weather. That’s just great !

Solidarity from UFCW 649

Come on,this has been going on for far to long already.Talk,talk,talk.Strike! That's the only way to go. Full out not rotating. Just saying.

Let’s get this strike on the road already!!

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Almost have everything ready for the 8th Biennial Shop Steward Conference at the Heritage Inn in Moose Jaw. Those of you who are carpooling (you know who you are, it's been previously arranged) Registration is between 3:30 and 4:40 tomorrow at the Hotel. For those you traveling on the bus from Saskatoon, meet at the Union office at 1526 Fletcher road at 11:30AM. Can't wait to see everyone there! ...

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Take a look at UFCW Canada National President Paul Meinema returning to his roots at the Olymel Plant in Red Deer, Alberta to meet members who are benefiting from union training and from programs that provide pathways to permanent residency that are aimed at Canada's growing multi-cultural workforce.

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