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Section 3 of the Saskatchewan Trade Union Act states: "Employees have the right to organize in and to form, join or assist trade unions and to bargain collectively through a trade union of their own choosing; ..." This means that you and your co-workers have the legal right to organize.

The first step to your workplace becoming organized is to contact the UFCW Local 1400 office at 1-855-UFCW-YES and ask to speak to a union organizer. All calls to the the UFCW Local 1400 office or a union organizer are confidential. We are bound by law not to divulge any information you give us.

For your workplace to become organized, 45% or more of the employees must sign union cards. Signing a union card is confidential. The only people who know that you signed a union card are the people who directly witnessed you signing it and the impartial Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board, who will verify the cards against a list of employees provided by your employer once an Application for Certification has been made. Your Employer will not know who has signed a union card.

If over 45% of eligible workers have signed union membership cards, the Labour Relations Board will conduct a government supervised vote in your workplace. The vote will be conducted by secret ballet. To form a union, a majority (50% 1) of the employees must cast ballots, and of those ballots cast, a majority (50% 1) must be in favour of the union.

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